There are numerous approaches to coaching around now a days, and because of this, understanding of the concept is in many cases incorrect.  Coaching is often confused with telling and training and so the real value of coaching is often missed. Our approach to coaching is a powerful future focused process that enables individuals to work on specific issues and find solutions.  This process works by reflecting and gaining insight, identifying what works, and acting on this learning. UnknownCoaching builds upon and impacts on how managers work and learn, and has the double value of enabling change at individual, team and organisational level plus building an ability to sustain this after coaching Recognising this, t+b solutions integrates coaching as a core element of its leadership programmes.  This provides managers at all levels the essential space to reflect, to identify performance and leadership goals and to take actions to achieve these goals.  Through this process, managers come to understand themselves and their organisation more fully, and are encouraged to challenge existing ways of doing things, and through this, to aim for goals that previously seemed unattainable.


At t+b solutions we can: a.  Provide in-house coaching for your team b.  Develop the in-house coaching capability within your team Like to know more?  Just click HERE, and we will contact you to discuss your needs.